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I'm Zlatomir. A Designer & Creative Person, Making the Web a Better Place.

I create amazing pixel perfect designs for any type of digital projects and products.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Zlatomir !

I’m a freelance designer and digital enthusiast creating amazing online projects for over 3 years. I love working with people and companies from around the globe. I’m an entrepreneur and company owner.

  • UI/UX Development
  • Community Building
  • Branding and Illustration work
  • Web development

Corporate Skills

Here are a few skills that I’ve picked up while working in the corporate field. These are some essential things that I think are necessary for long term success in digital development and online marketing branch. I would rather say that these are the fundamental basis that needs to be addressed and covered for any project succession in any online work field.

Team Building

Forming small teams to work on creative projects and managing teamwork synergy.


Creating Search Engine Analytics and making local and global research for best Search Optimization.

Competition Research

Creating in-depth Competition research analytics that provides a list of targets to be covered for project succession.

Social Media

Managing social media accounts and creating social media campaigns, for both business and personal social growth. 

Project Management

Creating project road-maps workflows and outlines, managing time frames and making work ecosystems.

E-Mail Marketing

Managing different E-mail automation and creating relative campaigns for newsletters and sales campaigns.  


General Analytics and data management skills for long term analysis of progress and development in any branch.

Sales Funnels

Forming and Creating sales funnels for product services and brands alike with creative automation methodologies.

Tools and Languages I love working with.

Here are some of the main tools and skills that I apply when working with different types of projects. 


Comprehensive knowledge of HTML. Building relatively simple layouts and reworking existing code.


Comprehensive knowledge of Responsive design using flexbox, CSS grid and media queries.


Fundamental knowledge of navigating VUE projects and basic front end development understanding.


Comprehensive knowledge of all Visual builders, creating full responsive designs, web and mobile layouts. 

Figma / Sketch / Adobe XD

Creating Wireframes, prototypes, and pixel-perfect visual designs ready for front end development.


Photo manipulation and visual artwork development, creating visual elements for project integration.

Affinity Designer / Illustrator

Creating Vector graphics, illustrations logos icons and other essential design resources for projects.


Creating Project management boards and workflows for large and small team project management.


Creating fluid mood boards for project mapping and comprehensive workflow outlining.

my services

Website Design

I design pixel perfect websites with over 3 years of design experience. Creating everything from prototypes, iconology, custom fonts illustrations and a wide range of elements. 

Website Design

I do full web UI Design and even on some occasions do Desktop software design if needed. I sometimes use pre-made elements but in most cases custom design everything from scratch.

Branding & Logo

I do full brand development and corporate personality development. This includes making a personality sheet and setting corporate standards and morals then integrating them into a functional design language.

Content Strategy

I create amazing content strategies and marketing roadmaps for all kinds of projects and products, including physical products.

User Experience

I do extensive user experience development and research for any type of product that includes general design development and or brand development.

User Experience analytics

I make user experience research and analytics based on user focus and focal points. This allows me to guide the user’s focus and experience towards the client’s needs and also if needed to relay a message through visual experience. This helps to cover user expectations and client needs.

competitor research

I do extensive competitor research and create cons and pros sheets that need to be outweighed in a long term plan to ensure project/product succession in any competitive field.

Creating extra INCENTIVE

I always try to incentivize everything I work on, meaning that I always try to add more value than there is a need of, this creates more approaches for clients and users alike. 

My Process


Creating a mind map and a general concept that revolves around the client’s vision.


Starting with a wire-fame and a prototype of animation styles then, moving to general design.


Creating final adjustments and refining everything to be pixel perfect & Development ready.


Checking the final product if it is development-friendly and submitting the final result.

Featured Work

Website Redesign

Uptime Monitor 

Uptime monitor is an amazing sass app that aims to create an affordable and easy to use website monitoring service for small and large businesses around the globe.

Website Development & branding

Aeon Agency Web Development Agency

Aeon is a new Web Development and Design agency based in UK. 

CombinWebsite Design

Brave File Manager

Brave File Manager is a template for integrated cloud storage management. Combining different cloud storage services onto one place. 

Website Development & branding

Ulties is a Web Development Agency based in Denmark 

Aeon is a new Web Development and Design agency based in UK. 

Small Art Showcase Branding & Logo Design

Here are some of the logos I most loved designing. 


The Swirl logo is supposed to represent speed fluidity fused with a modern design aesthetic.


Comprehensive knowledge of Responsive design using flexbox, CSS grid and media queries.


Fundamental knowledge of navigating VUE projects and basic front end development understanding.


This is a logo I designed for a web development and design agency based in Denmark.


This S logo is actually something that I ended up never using, but turned out well so I kept it for future projects. 


The Pixit logo is based on Letter P  with some slight alterations, although its not made from any specific font

More About Me
Professional Information

I have been actively working on Design related projects for the past 3 years. But in general, I’ve been doing creative design for over 8 years. I started by making large artwork and creative photo manipulations and enrolling myself in design competitions. Then moved onto Illustration work and vector Graphics. Afterward, I expanded and moved onto UI/UX Development and full brand Design and Personality development.

A few years afterward I was taking on full-scale projects and opened my own company in UK London, doing branding, UI/UX design, and other digital services

Other Activities

  • Creating Personal Design Resources
  • Building Communities & Cooperative involvements. 
  • Helping non profit organizations with free work.
  • Creating large scale artwork.
  • Creating Marketing Strategies & approaches.

Other Skills & Hobbies

  • Writing Articles and Books.
  • Creating Sales Funnels. 
  • Managing social media channels. 
  • Making Affiliate marketing campaigns. 
  • I often play games too



  • UI/UX Design / Creative Design / Prototyping
  • Full Brand Development
  • Illustration work
  • Icon Design
  • Font Design

 tools I use & Services

  • Photoshop 
  •  Illustrator
  • Adobe XD  /  Figma  /  InDesign  / Gravit Designer  / Corel Draw  + More
  • Slack Server Management 
  • Milanote Mood board 
  • Office Suit / Adobe Acrobat
  • Github / Gitlab / Netlify 

Companies i’ve worked with

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I create amazing pixel perfect designs for any type of digital projects and products.

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